Weekly Deals and Convention

I’m Back from convention!! (well I didn’t really have to travel far and unlike most of the people there I got to sleep in my own bed at night.) Can I tell you that Convention was an awesome experience. I loved it and will be trying to go back every year… I learned so much and made new friends. Not to mention came back with some new product, and who doesn’t love that. We made several Make and takes that we just awesome. 10390493_646541151222_361380048828777355_n

Don’t they look so fun?! dont worry you’ll get a better look in the coming days (I am waiting for my new camera lense so that I can get some in detail photo’s for all of you. I hope many of you will join my team so we can all go next year. My upline and sidelines are super nice and super sweet. I had schedualed myself to go back to work the 2 days following Convention (I will not be doing that again, I am not as young as I once was and after all the excitement really should have taken a day or two to recuperate.) Once I got home from work last night and was really able to relax and unwind I found myself in convention withdrawls and the friends I had made over those three days. They truly rank up there with my dearest friends, and I can hardly wait to see them next year (although some of them are trying to convince me to go to leadership in January.) The good news is one of them will be moving to salt lake in the next few weeks so I’ll get to charish her friendship in person all year long. (Who doesn’t love a friend that has the same passion for your hobby as you do) I will of course keep in touch with the others over email, Facebook and other social media.

Now on to this weeks Weekly deals, I was going to order some of the punches featured in last weeks and totally forgot! Which is a bummer because we did some cute things during convention with one or two of them. Don’t make the same mistake I did and get them while the prices are so low.

Have a great Day Stampers, Don’t forget to check back to see more indept post about the make and takes and to see some of the fun things my fellow demo’s gave me.

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