Patriotic Wreath

Is it just me or does summer cause you schedual to get busier? I am back to work after a shoulder injury making it so I don’t have much time to craft. I’ve had this project in my head for a few weeks … I think I may have even mentioned it in a previous blog post. The only thing I had on my agenda was a mid afternoon Appointment with the physical therapist. Perfect day to put it into action. This is what I came up with….


Didn’t it turn out super cute? I started Cutting and curling the paper before I went to therapy.. It actually went by pretty quickly. After my appointment I got to work to Putting the strips on to the wreath form… this took about a hour and a half to do. I then put my glitter paper through the big shot with a rosette dye (mine wasn’t stampin up, but we do offer one and in my opinion its much cuter then the one I have. One day I will have to take the plunge and invest in it.) I then added stars. The new star framelets in the new catalog would be perfect for this. Do you do Crafts for the holidays to decorate your home?

From the craft store I purchase A 12 inch Foam wreath form (I hear the Green ones hold up better) and some flat head pins. The rest are stampin up product which is listed below.

Product List

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